Turquoise Trio: Set of 3 Exquisite 2x3 Inch Baby Photo Frames
Turquoise Trio: Set of 3 Exquisite 2x3 Inch Baby Photo Frames
Turquoise Trio: Set of 3 Exquisite 2x3 Inch Baby Photo Frames

Turquoise Trio: Set of 3 Exquisite 2x3 Inch Baby Photo Frames

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Elevate your cherished memories with our "Turquoise Trio: Set of 3 Exquisite 2x3 Inch Baby Photo Frames." Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each frame is a testament to artistry and quality materials.

The front of these frames boasts a captivating combination of materials – **buffalo bone and intricate resin artwork pasting**. The fusion of textures creates a visual masterpiece, showcasing your baby's precious moments with unparalleled elegance. The natural charm of buffalo bone meets the artistic brilliance of resin, resulting in frames that are both timeless and captivating.

Complementing the artistic front, the back frame is constructed from sturdy **Pine MDF Wood**. This choice of material ensures durability while providing a secure foundation for your memories. Your photographs are protected by a layer of 2.0 mm glass, which not only enhances their visual presentation but also shields them from dust and damage.

The harmonious blend of turquoise and artisanal craftsmanship adds a touch of sophistication to any space. Whether displayed on a table or mounted on a wall, these frames offer **versatile presentation options**, allowing you to relive those treasured moments in both landscape and portrait orientations.

Opening and assembling these frames is a breeze, thanks to the included **metallic Flexi Pins**. These accessories ensure that your photos can be effortlessly added or changed as your collection of memories grows.

Notably, our commitment to sustainability shines through. The use of **buffalo bone and Pine MDF Wood** showcases our dedication to ethical practices and responsible sourcing. The buffalo bone used in these frames is procured through regulated channels, contributing to rural development and supporting the ban on ivory and ebony.

Incorporate a touch of artistry and nature into your baby's journey with our "Turquoise Trio" frames. Beyond being mere frames, they are artistic creations that encapsulate the magic of infancy. Mark the milestones of your little one's growth with frames that stand as testaments to craftsmanship, elegance, and the beauty of beginnings.
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**Introducing the Finest Keepsake for Newborns: Baby Photo Frame Set from HANDICRAFTS HOME | New Arrivals**

Celebrate the arrival of your precious bundle of joy with our enchanting **Baby Photo Frame Set**. Designed with the utmost care and attention to detail, this set of three frames is a testament to artistry and quality materials. Crafted to stand as timeless treasures, these frames encapsulate the purest moments of infancy.

**A Trio of Perfection:**
This remarkable set includes **three distinct frame shapes** – the classic rectangle, the charming square, and the delicate round. Designed to accommodate various photo sizes, these frames are suitable for 2x3'' (Rectangle), 2.5x2.5'' (Square), and 2.5'' Diameter (Round) photos. Whether it's the first ultrasound image, the tiny footprints, or the heartwarming smiles, our frames are tailored to hold your most cherished memories.

**Artistry in Materials:**
Fronted by a mesmerizing blend of **buffalo bone and intricate resin artwork pasting**, these frames are not just photo holders – they're visual masterpieces. The fusion of textures showcases your baby's milestones with unparalleled elegance. On the flip side, the back frame, crafted from durable **Pine MDF Wood**, provides a secure foundation. With a 2.0 mm glass cover, your photographs are not only beautifully presented but also shielded from the passage of time.

**Versatile Display, Effortless Access:**
Whether you prefer portrait or landscape orientation, these frames are designed for **versatile display**. Place them on your tabletop, dresser, or hang them on the wall – they seamlessly integrate into any setting. Our frames come equipped with **metallic Flexi Pins** for easy opening and assembly, ensuring that adding or changing photos is a breeze.

**Sustainable Craftsmanship:**
At HANDICRAFTS HOME, we hold a deep commitment to ethical practices. Our frames are crafted from **non-endangered materials**, including buffalo bone and Pine MDF Wood. We proudly share that the buffalo bone used is sourced through regulated channels, contributing to rural regeneration, development, and the conservation of wildlife by reinforcing the ban on ivory and ebony.

**A Note on Authenticity:**
These picture frames are meticulously crafted from **Mother of Pearl and buffalo bone**, in conjunction with Pine MDF board. These materials undergo rigorous processing and purification in government-regulated factories in India. The bone is then provided to rural craftsmen by the Indian government, fostering rural growth and upholding the ban on ivory and ebony trade.

Welcome your newborn with frames that embody craftsmanship, elegance, and the promise of new beginnings. Cherish those fleeting moments of early life and preserve them in a setting as exquisite as your memories. Embrace the artistry and sustainability of HANDICRAFTS HOME | New Arrivals' Baby Photo Frame Set – a true testament to the beauty of innocence.
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