Artisan-Crafted Warm Oak Photo Frames - Set of 2 (5x7 inch)
Artisan-Crafted Warm Oak Photo Frames - Set of 2 (5x7 inch)
Artisan-Crafted Warm Oak Photo Frames - Set of 2 (5x7 inch)
Artisan-Crafted Warm Oak Photo Frames - Set of 2 (5x7 inch)

Artisan-Crafted Warm Oak Photo Frames - Set of 2 (5x7 inch)

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Elevate your cherished memories with our exquisite Artisan-Crafted Warm Oak Photo Frames. This set of two meticulously handcrafted frames combines the timeless charm of warm oak with modern design sensibilities. Each frame is thoughtfully created to showcase your 5x7 inch photos with elegance and style. Crafted by a skilled eyewear designer with a passion for natural materials, these frames are more than just décor; they're a work of art.

These frames are a testament to the designer's commitment to quality and sustainability, drawing from a decade of experience working with buffalo horn. The result is a stunning blend of form and function, ensuring your photos shine in a frame that's not only visually captivating but also environmentally conscious. Display your memories with pride and sophistication with our Artisan-Crafted Warm Oak Photo Frames - a perfect fusion of craftsmanship and design that adds a touch of timeless beauty to any space.
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Product Details
  • Sustainability and Social Awareness: We take pride in decorating homes with beautiful, unique, and socially aware bespoke products. Our materials are carefully sourced with the local environment in mind, making social consciousness a top priority for our company.

  • Inspiration Behind the Collection: Inspired by the belief in simplicity and the vibrant colors of life, we aimed to combine these charms in our home decor. This collection has garnered admiration from thousands of Amazon customers worldwide. In our gratitude, we've made this collection 80% more affordable than ever before.

  • Colorful Variety: Choose from a spectrum of colors including Blue, Grey, Green, Orange, Pink, Red, Turquoise, Verdigris, Vintage, White, and Yellow frames to set the perfect theme for your space.

  • Simple Sizing: We've kept the sizing simple and easy to select, making it convenient for you to choose the perfect frames for your photos. Consider purchasing frames in all colors to create a lovely collection.

  • Premium Material: Instead of glass, we use a type of plastic that is more transparent, flexible, strong, and shatterproof. This material ensures your photos or pictures are displayed extremely clearly and without the risk of breakage if the frame falls.

  • Versatile Hanging Options: All our picture frames come with saw-tooth hangers on the back, thoughtfully positioned for both landscape and portrait use. Whether you decide to hang them on a wall or place them on a vertical surface like a tabletop, shelf, or mantle, these frames are designed to fit seamlessly into your decor.

  • Protective Films: To preserve the clarity of the Plexiglas, each sheet is covered with protective films on both sides. This extra layer prevents any damage or scratches on the ultra-transparent Plexiglas. Remember to 'PEEL-OFF' the film before using our photo frames for the best display quality.

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