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Buffalo Horn Plates

Buffalo Horn Plates

Buffalo Horn Plates or say Buffalo Scales are used in the making of luxury horn eyewear. Apart from this our buffalo scales are also used in buffalo horn handle knifes like aitor jungle king/shaving handle and other makings.

The standard size of our Buffalo Horn Plates is: 60 mm x 160mm , MNP: BHP06.

The Moon Exports provides genuine handmade buffalo horn plates. These are made after several handcrafting steps such as:

  • Selecting appropriate Buffalo's Horn especially for Buffalo Horn Plates.
  • Washing and cleaning The Buffalo Horns.
  • Cutting the Buffalo Horn from middle to make it workable
  • Heating it for a long time on a slightly high temperature so that to make it straight.
  • Giving is precise dimensions to that it can it in your CNC perfectly without hurting it.
  • Cleaning the surface so no bump in horn remain then
  • Making the edges perfect and removing low quality plates.

After such processes it’s sorted by colors given below -

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