The Art of Self-Care: Exploring the Power of Horn-Crafted Gua Sha

23 May 2023 2:26 PM By Kamran - Comment(s)
In the realm of self-care practices, Gua Sha stands out as a timeless technique that has gained significant popularity in recent years. This ancient Chinese therapy involves scraping the skin with a specialized tool to stimulate circulation and promote overall well-being. Today, we delve into the wo...

The History and Cultural Significance of Buffalo Horn

15 May 2023 12:41 AM By Kamran - Comment(s)
Buffalo horn has been utilized for a wide range of purposes by various cultures for centuries, from tools and weapons to decorative items. Its durability, strength, and unique aesthetic appeal have made it a popular material for artisans and designers worldwide. In this blog, we will delve into the ...

The Beauty and Craftsmanship of Horn Eyewear and Horn Crafts from India

07 May 2023 5:56 PM By Kamran - Comment(s)
This blog post explores the rich history of horn crafting in India, particularly in the city of Sambhal. It highlights the unique features of Indian horn crafts and emphasizes the importance of sustainable and ethical practices in their production.

The Top 10 Handicrafts Being Exported from India

07 May 2023 5:08 PM By Kamran - Comment(s)
Discover the top 10 handicrafts being exported from India, including textiles, jewelry, leather goods, metal handicrafts, wood carvings, stone handicrafts, embroidery, glassware, ceramics, and paper products. Learn about their unique designs, high quality, and affordability

Working with Buffalo Horn

27 Aug 2001 3:37 PM By Kamran - Comment(s)
This post provides information on how to prepare and work with horn, including selecting a horn, preparing it by removing the soft core, and cleaning it.
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