What are Buffalo Horn Plates?


Products made of genuine buffalo horn are being used by humans for centuries.

Like we see ‘Vikings horn’ used by ancient armies for bowing a sound to send signal or ‘Drinking Horn’ which we see in Hollywood movies, the 300 types, being used for drinking beer!

Natural products are always best choice, as it doesn’t cause harm us.

Real horn is strong, durable, light-weight, organic and best past its hypoallergenic mean its friendly with your skin.

Which made it the best choice for eyewear companies to use as the material! But it’s not easy to turn a Buffalo horn into horn eyeglasses, there The Moon Exports helps in

making horn workable, in way the eyeglass frames maker only need to work on perfectly straight rectangular pieces of horn having identical dimensions.

This piece of horn has standard dimension: 160 mm height and 60 mm width.

Of-Couse its 3 dimensional piece and the third dimension- thickness vary as per the need of eyewear brands from 3 mm to 7 mm.


Horn eyeglasses by The Moon Exports
Buffalo horn plates

Then these plates or sometimes called scales are simply placed under CNC machine for making desired eyeglasses frames of real horn

Eyeglasses frame from Buffalo Horn Plates

Now after giving finish and polishing the final product looks like this..









Look of final product made of buffalo horn depends on its natural shades, click to know more about colors of buffalo horn plates.









*      Apart from eyewear’s raw material, Buffalo horn Plates are also potentially being used in making handles for hand razor, fine guns and as jewelry supply too.