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About Us
My name is Kamran Khan, and I am a 'lunetier,' the French term for an eyewear artisan. As the founder of The Moon Exports, I am passionate about providing high-quality Buffalo Horn Products to our customers. Our team of highly skilled artisans, including myself, use precision tools to manufacture genuine Indian handicrafts that meet your specific requirements.

Located in Kot West, Sambhal – 244302, Uttar Pradesh, India, The Moon Exports is a registered business entity recognized by the Indian Director General of Foreign Trade and a member of the Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts.

Established on May 12th, 2015, we work closely with skilled artisans to craft products that meet your desired specifications. Our products range from Buffalo Horn Plates, Buffalo Horn Middle Tip Plates, Buffalo Horn Button Blanks, Buffalo Horn Finished Buttons, Stag Imitation Buttons made from bones, Bone Blanks, Horn Toggles, Horn Buckles, Rollers, Scales / Plates for Spectacle frames, Hooves, Horn meals, and other handicrafts.

Our Vision: Empowering Artisans and Making Handmade Horn Crafts Accessible to All at The Moon Exports

At The Moon Exports, our vision is to empower artisans by promoting handmade horn crafts directly from them, ensuring that their exceptional craftsmanship is recognized and appreciated worldwide. We strive to bridge the gap between artisans and customers, providing a platform where everyone can buy authentic and sustainable handmade horn crafts in small quantities or large volume sales, with the help of multiple artisans.

We understand the immense value and effort that goes into crafting buffalo horn products, and we aim to showcase the talents and skills of these artisans who have dedicated their lives to this craft. Our goal is to create a positive impact on the lives of these artisans and their communities by providing them with a sustainable source of income.

By making these handmade horn crafts accessible to all, we hope to promote the beauty and uniqueness of these products, while also encouraging environmentally conscious practices. We remain committed to our vision of empowering artisans and creating a positive impact on the world, one handmade horn craft at a time."

Our Mission: Delivering Sustainable and Ethical Handmade Horn Crafts and Eyewear to Customers Worldwide at The Moon Exports

At The Moon Exports, our mission is to deliver high-quality, sustainable, and ethical handmade horn crafts and bespoke eyewear to customers worldwide. We are committed to promoting artisanal craftsmanship by working closely with our team of highly skilled artisans and using precision tools to create unique and stylish products. Our products are inspired by nature and crafted with care, making them environmentally conscious and socially responsible.

We believe in providing access to eco-friendly products that make a positive impact on the environment and the communities we work with. As a registered business entity recognized by the Indian director general of foreign trade and member of Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts, we are dedicated to delivering quality products on time while staying true to our vision.

Our goal is to continue to grow as a sustainable and ethical brand while delivering exceptional customer service and building long-lasting relationships with our customers. We are committed to creating a positive impact on the world, one handmade horn craft and eyewear at a time."

Our Focus is on Customer Satisfaction: Constantly Measuring and Improving Our Services at The Moon Exports

At The Moon Exports, our main business objective is to ensure customer satisfaction. We understand that our success relies on how well we serve our customers and meet their needs. Therefore, we regularly monitor and assess our level of commitment to customer service across all business functions.

We openly communicate our customer experiences, both successful and unsuccessful, and use this feedback to improve our products and services. Our competitive advantage strategy is based on our deep understanding of customer needs, allowing us to provide a personalized and tailored experience that is unmatched by our competitors.

We frequently measure customer satisfaction and have established routine measures of customer service to ensure that our customer-focused approach remains consistent.

To assess the quality of our products and services, we regularly poll end-users at least once a year. We also disseminate data on customer satisfaction regularly across all levels of our business unit. We believe that our business exists primarily to serve our customers, and we remain committed to delivering high-quality, sustainable, and ethical handmade horn crafts and bespoke eyewear that exceed their expectations."

Member of


Artisan Alliance

"to support the power and potential of the artisan sector to create jobs, increase incomes, enhance cultural heritage, and promote development that respects the uniqueness of people and place"

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